Thursday, February 8

NO time to blog, life is crazy busy but just by way of an update I thought I'd tell you - ever so briefly, 'cause it's past my bedtime - what I've been up to:

Teaching kids - they're great! so well behaved - so far! - and most of them are interested in the content I am teaching. Amazing!

Nearly got struck by a bolt of fluro pink lightning! Scary and deafening! My ears still hurt.

Caused near traffic disaster when my blinkers and all electricals suddenly failed just before my car died. I blamed the disaster on my close call with the bolt of fluro pink lightning, mentioned above - How was I supposed to know batteries need water!? I thought the mechanics were meant to do that kind of thing when they serviced my car. It seems I pay them too much.

Ate 1/2 a Raspberry Tim Tam - Oh, how life improves with TimTams!

Signed off Blogger and curled up to sleep. Well, that's yet to be acomplished.

Miss you all.

What have you been up to?


Anonymous Kim from Hiraeth said...

So glad the school year has started so well and so very, very glad that the lightening only scared you and didn't hurt you.

I didn't have any idea that car batteries need water. Uh, oh. Mine must be a camel . . .

I have been extremely very intensely busy working on lessons for my Sunday school class and my women's small group study and doing a WHOLE BUNCH of calligraphy.

It's nice to be busy but I am looking forward to the middle of next week when I have a few things behind me and I can slow down a little.

I've missed you!

Thu Feb 08, 11:36:00 pm 2007  
Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz) said...

Miss you too.

Mell, some batteries are sealed and don't need water. But more importantly, once a car is running, it doesn't use the battery. Lack of water in it shouldn't cause the electrics to stop working, or the car to die. It might stop the car from starting - but once the car is running, the electrics come from the alternator.

Have you got a mate you can ask about your car?

Fri Feb 09, 06:08:00 am 2007  
Blogger Radagast said...

Glad to hear about the kids and the Tim Tam.

Sorry to hear about the car and the lightning.

"Crazy busy" sounds very familiar.

Fri Feb 09, 02:27:00 pm 2007  
Blogger missmellifluous said...

Hi Kim. I meant to ask you about your calligraphy. It sounds like it is going well. Update me sometime when life is not mad. Thanks for missing me too.

Hi Paul, You were right: It's the alternator. I found out when I drove it again today and the same thing happened. Fortunately the car got me to school and back and died just outside my house. I'll send it to the Auto-electrician next week, unless you can fix as well as you diagnose over the internet?

Hi Radagast,
It is somewhat comforting to know that you are in that busy place too. Hope your business passes soon.

Fri Feb 09, 05:50:00 pm 2007  
Blogger momrn2 said...

Wow... glad you didn't get hit by the lightening and that there were no accidents when your car broke down.

Rest up friend and do what needs to be done. We'll be here waiting when you return. We miss you too!

Sat Feb 10, 03:08:00 am 2007  
Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz) said...

Hi, Mell. Sorry - some things work in a virtual world, and some things don't. And I couldn't fix an alternator in the real world either ....

Mon Feb 12, 09:55:00 am 2007  
Blogger Mike Hobart said...

I remember having a problem once because my car had an alternator but no generator. Or was it the other way around?

Tue Feb 13, 02:17:00 pm 2007  
Blogger missmellifluous said...

Thanks anyway, Paul.

Hello Mike Hobart, Nice to have you here. I don't think we've crossed paths before. I'm assuming you came in through John Dekker's blog?

I couldn't tell you if cars need generators or not. It's all beyond me. In fact, I don't think I even know how to put water in for the windscreen washers. I am quite happy in my ignorance though.

Tue Feb 13, 08:03:00 pm 2007  
Blogger Islandsparrow said...


What's timtam? is it like a timbit?

Glad you weren't zapped by the lightning.

I probably shouldn't admit that I don't know anything about cars - I depend on others far more mechanically minded than I. (Although I've learned that you should never keep driving the car when that red light comes on...)

Fri Feb 16, 04:59:00 am 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Sun May 04, 06:44:00 am 2008  

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