Monday, March 5

It's official.
I've moved house.

Come and visit me at my new blog @ WordPress - where the grass is greener.
Don't worry, I'm still regainingparadise.


Blogger Radagast said...

The new blog looks good, although it won't let me comment for some reason.

Wed Mar 07, 06:30:00 pm 2007  
Blogger missmellifluous said...

Oh, sorry, Radagast! I'd love to hear from you over there too. I have adjusted the comment moderation requirements - it required a name and email address before - so you may be able to comment now. The comments will still be held for moderation, at least until I get used to WordPress and see what kind of crowd it pulls, if any. Please do try again. Let me know if you have anymore problems.

Wed Mar 07, 09:16:00 pm 2007  

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